If Gohan Never Skipped His Training

What If Gohan Never Skipped His Training: All Scenarios

If Gohan Never Skipped His Training: The best topic that is being discussed among all the dragon ball fans is what if Gohan took his training seriously. Previously, we discussed the way of Gohan’s training. And We discussed the Buu Saga until Kibito and Shin visited the Z fighters. They follow Spopovich and Yamu toward […]

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God Killer Ultra Vegito

Biggest Threat In The Anime History: God Killer Ultra Vegito

God Killer Ultra Vegito. The dragon ball franchise has introduced many characters till now. There are many fanmade characters and official characters in this awesome series. In addition to this, many characters are fanmade in the anime and manga versions. That is why they are known as fanmade or most of the time they are […]

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