Organic Traffic: How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Organic Traffic: How to Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website?


Organic Traffic, Websites needs ranking to grow and the ranking can only be achieved through proper SEO. Online business is a common term nowadays. People are resorting to online businesses. The reason for this is that online businesses are less stressful on the body. Yet they require a high level of brain power. I mean if you want to start and run an online business, you should consider every digital thing.

As we all know, digital marketing is also an everyday online business. It includes social media marketing and many more. But an online business is a completely different term in itself. When discussing online business, that doesn’t mean online investment or digital marketing.

It refers to all the fields of businesses that can be done online. These include blog websites, pay-per-click, and many other fields. But today, we are talking about a blog website.

Role Of Organic Traffic In A Blog Website.

If you are also running a blog website, then this article is for you. Organic traffic plays a very important role in blog websites. It can raise the website to a successful point. But the question here is, how should we increase organic traffic?

The answer is very simple. Increasing organic traffic is a little bit complicated. It requires proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You should follow some SEO tips that will help you in gaining organic traffic.

1. Choose Your Keyword Carefully.

The keyword is a word that is the main focus of your whole content. Whatever you are providing in your blog, the keyword would specify its meaning in one or two words. We can also consider keywords as something that is defined.

For example, in today’s article, we are telling about organic traffic. Organic traffic is our keyword. And all the steps in it and related to it are included here. You must select your keyword wisely. It is because it is one of the important factors in SEO.

You should select a keyword that represents your whole content properly. Keywords cannot be selected on your will. You should select them after proper research. If you choose the right and accurate keyword, then it will help you in ranking your website. And it will also help you in attracting the right audience.

Mistake In Selecting The Keyword (Organic Traffic)

People make huge mistakes in selecting their keywords. And that is the target high-volume keyword. That’s not the only mistake they make. They don’t consider whether their provided data is fulfilling the purpose of the keyword or not. This results in many disadvantages.

A common disadvantage is junk traffic. Junk traffic ruins organic traffic. It is because junk traffic does not rank up your website. It won’t be wrong to say that junk traffic is the worst news for your website. Thus, we can say that keyword selection requires a wise decision. So, choose your keyword wisely.

2. Content Must Relate To The Keyword.

As we discussed above, people do not focus on their content in the greed of high-volume keywords. This is the main thing we are about to discuss here. The content that you have written must relate to your keyword. Otherwise, you are killing the main purpose of your keyword.

The secondary purpose of your keyword is to rank your website. But its main purpose is to show the audience what have you defined below. So, you should try your best to fulfil the purpose of your keyword. Explain everything about your main keyword.

This will attract your audience. In addition to this, it will attract more audience to your website. Even if you have chosen a high-volume keyword, you must explain everything about it well in your content. Then this is very good news for you. So, you should follow this tip.

3. Page Titles And Description Optimization (Organic Traffic)

The first thing that users see is the page titles and descriptions. Your page title and the description tell them about the purpose of your intentions and content. Proper optimization of your page title and description is a necessary part of SEO.

Page title and description also provide a brief overview of your page to the search engines. This allows the search engine to determine what to do with it. Better optimization of your page helps in the better ranking of your page.

4. Must Optimize Images

Optimization of images is commonly neglected by us. We must not neglect the importance of an image. The image plays an important role in the ranking of your page. It describes the purpose of your page more attractively.

So, you must keep the optimization of your image in mind. Following are the steps that you can follow for the optimization of your images. These are:

  • You should add suitable titles for your images. For this purpose, you can also use your targeted keyword.
  • Use Alternative Text in describing your image. Alternative text allows the user to understand the purpose of your image more easily.
  • Avoid the usage of crowded pictures.
  • You should use a high-resolution image. But image size should also be kept in mind.

5. Internal Links And Organic Traffic.

If you want to rank your website, your page needs to be ranked as well. As we all know that a website is a combination of web pages. So, your page containing the content also needs to be ranked. Internal links play a very important role in this regard.

They are used to rank your page. It won’t be wrong to say that they provide a key role in ranking your page. Internal links allow the search engine to enter the network of your pages. This helps to rank up those pages which are not ranked yet.

Search engines rank your weak pages when you provide their links to your strong pages. They enter into the network of your pages. This helps in gaining more audience and hence the progress of your website increases. The audience is organic. That is how internal links play a role in providing organic traffic.

6. Universal Referral Link (URL) Optimization.

URL plays an important role in ranking your page. It is because it helps the search engine to navigate and brief your page. The search engine ranks your page as a result. The better it is optimized, the easier it is to understand the search engine.

And when the search engine understands your URL, it ranks it above. This whole thing plays a very positive impact on the ranking of your page. Your URL must be logically constructed and keyword optimized. It means that it must have a good keyword in it.

In addition to this, it must be concise. Concise refers to something short but meaningful.

7. You Should Reduce Your Website Load Time.

Website load time is the most important factor for users’ attention. According to most experts, the user expects your website to load within three seconds. This thing proves that website load time matters a lot in organic traffic.

You must reduce your website load time as much as you can. Many problems affect your website’s load time. These things include:

  • Poor Hosting.
  • Javascript issues.
  • Extra Plugins.
  • Heavy Images.
  • A Large Number of Codes.

8. Role Of Backlinks For Organic Traffic.

Perfect SEO helps you to earn organic traffic. In SEO, the most important part is backlinks. You must earn backlinks from reputed websites. Otherwise, you can face many problems with your SEO. This can result in the downfall of your website for no reason.

The following are the things you must avoid in earning backlinks.

  • Avoid spam links.
  • Don’t use sponsored links.
  • Irrelevant sites can affect your SEO. So avoid backlinks from irrelevant sites.
  • Discourage backlinks from non-indexed sites.
  • Your backlink must not contain the same keyword as yours.

The backlink containing all these defects is known as a toxic backlink. So, we can say that when it comes to backlinks, we should avoid toxic backlinks. In short, we should stay away from toxic backlinks. Because they can bring negative impacts on our website instead of positive impacts.


We can come to the simple conclusion that SEO is the most important factor for any website. Organic traffic is the factor that rises the website. And the best way to earn organic traffic is the proper SEO. Hence, we can say that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the main factor in ranking your website.

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