Business Vs Job

Should We Choose Business Over Job: Business Vs Job


Business Vs Job. What do you think is a better option in business vs a job? Business vs job is one of the most common debates nowadays. It has several questions that are popping into everyone’s mind. But no one is coming up with a correct answer. Some people say that business is better. Others say that it is better to have a job. But no one agrees on both at the same time.

The reason for this is that both business and jobs have their benefits and drawbacks. That is why some people prefer business while others prefer a job. But before we get into this, what do you think is a better option? In my opinion, both have some advantages and disadvantages. So, we cannot choose either of them. Some drawbacks of business cannot be borne by most people. Similarly, some drawbacks of a job cannot be borne by most people.

The reason for most people is that the majority of people could not bear the loss in either of them. So, in their case, leave it to them. But other than that, we shall discuss some advantages and disadvantages of business and the benefits and drawbacks of jobs. We can say that we shall discuss it as neutral. So that the reader could get a proper idea of what is better.

Advantages Of Business Vs Job

In this scenario, we all know that business has many advantages. On the other hand, a job also has many advantages. But by comparing them, we get to know that business and job both have some advantages over the other. Let’s start with the business. So in business, there is no need to be dependent on anybody except your customer. All you need to do is to keep your customer happy.

This can lead to success in your business. The reason for this is that more customer is attracted to you. The more profit and fame you can earn from your business. For example, you have a business tea stall. Or we can say that you run your tea stall. In this case, if you provide the desired tea to your customer and treat him well. He will not only be pleased with you. But he will also call others to your tea stall. In simple words, he will refer you to others.

In addition to this, that customer will become your regular customer if you treated him well. Now on the other hand, if we discuss jobs, we find out that in doing a job you are dependent on your boss. You have to answer everything to your boss. Either you made a mistake, dealing with a customer, or whatsoever you will do, you’ll have to answer your boss. But in the case of business, there is no one to question you. You can do as you, please. But make sure your pleasure won’t offend your customers.

Financial Problems: Business Vs Job

The most important reason why people resort to business is financial problems. In jobs, you have a fixed salary. It could be any salary. Maybe from 10,000 to even 2,000,000. Maybe more than that. But whatever amount it is, it is always fixed. No one can change it. But in the case of business, your salary depends on your profit. The more profit you gain, the more salary you get.

We can say that in the case of business, you have a variable salary. For example, you have earned 1,00,000 in the first month. Then in the second month, you may earn nothing or even bear a loss of 2,00,000. And then in the third month, you earn almost 2,000,000. These digits have no concern with real life. The reason for discussing these digits is that in the case of business, money always circulates. It is not possible to keep money in your hands for more than a week if you are involved in the business.

Working Problems: Job Vs Business

In this scenario, I am referring to the problems such as promotions, firing from jobs, hiring, etc. So, talking about the working problems of the job then there are a lot of working problems in a job. For example, you don’t know when and why your boss fires you. But you have a plus point in this situation as well. And that is some other company may rehire you. Just because of your better performance.

But in the case of business, you do not need to be afraid of any boss. The reason for this is that you are the boss. No one can fire you from your business. But you can spoil it if you don’t focus on your work. Once your business is spoiled, it is very, very difficult to start a new business. Because it needs a lot of investment to build a startup. One can arrange that much investment for the first time. But almost a few people have the guts to arrange investment for the second time.

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